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FINAL FANTASY® XIV and Amazon® are partnering to offer a unique opportunity for North American FINAL FANTASY XIV players! Qualifying orders of $19.99 or more from the video game category on Amazon.com will qualify you to receive an Amazon promotional code that will grant you six exclusive in-game items!

Simply enter your promotional code you received from Amazon via email into the above box to receive your exclusive FINAL FANTASY XIV item codes! Once you’ve redeemed your Amazon code, you’ll be shown six in-game item codes that you can use on the Mog Station on the Square Enix account of your choice.


Original Fat Chocobo® Mount

Ride atop the original fat chocobo mount and become the envy of all your friends

Maid Attire

A maid-inspired outfit designed to be worn by female characters.

Butler Attire

A butler-inspired outfit designed to be worn by male characters.

crag mask

A mask fashioned to resemble Titan, the Lord of Crags.

inferno mask

A mask fashioned to resemble Ifrit, the Lord of the Inferno.

99x Magicked Prism (Wings)

Using this item will produce a temporary pair of seraphic wings on your character.